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Margie Medlin (AUS/ GB), Is an internationally recognized artist leading the field of dance and the moving image. For 20 years she has produced combinations of film and video works, multi screen works, lighting designs, set designs, projection designs and new media art works. Her recent installations devise software and hardware tools that ?create a highly intelligent reflection on dance through the media of new technology.? Ballet Tanz.

She was artist in Residence at the ZKM Institute for Art and Media, Germany. (1999-2001) The resulting work ?Miss World? (2002) featured in ?Future Cinema? exhibition at The Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, Finland, the ZKM, Center for Art and Media, Germany, the ICC, Japan and Tanzmedial, Germany.

As a producer and director, dance film and video works include: ?SWIFT? 14 min dance video 2006, ?IN ABSENTIA? 3min dance 16 mm 2001, "IN THE HEART OF THE EYE" 10.40 min dance video 2000, "90% YIELD BEFORE BREAKAGE" 3 min dance 16 mm. 1996. "BEHAVIOUR" 12 min dance video. 1994.

She has a BACHELOR OF ARTS in Film making and New Art Studies, Australia (1988), was a SPECIAL RESEARCH FELLOW lighting design at Yale School of Drama, U.S.A. (1989), she studied Scenography at Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design, London. (1991), ADVANCED COMPUTER APPLICATIONS FOR THEATRE DESIGN at Central School of Speech and Drama, London. (1992) and has a MASTER OF ARTS Interior design, Australia (1999)

Her work has been funded by: The Arts Council of England, a Science and Art Award from the Wellcome Trust, the Australian Broad Casting Commission, the Australian Film Commission, the New Media Art & Dance Funds of the Australia Council for the Arts, the City of Melbourne, Arts Victoria and an Arts Victoria Commissions, from the Victorian Government, Australia.

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Performance Images

Movement 1: Phasing

Virtual Connections

Movement 2: Breath Song

Defining Architecture
Sound of Gesture

Movement 3: Morphing Physiology

Personal Space
Frame Break

The company at work


Dr Caterina Albano
Susanne Ackers
Dr Simon Emmerson


Margie Medlin
Stevie Wishart

Choreographic Directions
Lea Anderson
Rebecca Hilton
Russell Maliphant
Lisa Nelson

Carlee Mellow

Motion Control
Gerald Thompson
Glenn Anderson
Scott Ebdon

Sound and Gesture
Todor Todoroff
Micha Meliani

Virtual Control Systems & Integration Design
Nick Rothwell

Virtual Character Design
Holger Deuter
Michael Koch
Lars Maria Schnatmann
Tobias Scholz

Project Images

Images Virtual Design
Images Sound development

Project Partners

The Quartet project is funded by the Sciart Production Award 2005 & Co-produced with the Performance & Digital Media department of the ICA Institute of Contemporary Art, London. Other funding partners include The Arts Council of England, The New Media Board and the International Community Partnerships & Market Development of the Australia Council for the Arts, Arts Victoria Cultural Exchange program.

Project Management

Rowan Drury
Projects Coordinator
The Innovation Centre
Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design
Southampton Row
London WC1B 4AP
Email rowan@artakt.co.uk
Tel +44 0207 514 8530
Fax +44 0207 514 7050

Project contact

Margie Medlin director(at)criticalpath.org.au

Project Partners


Collaborators Links

>>Holger Deuter
>>Nick Rothwell
>>Todor Todoroff
>>Glenn Anderson
>>Michael Koch
>>Lars Maria Schnatmann
>>Stijn Vanorbeek
>>Christian Graupner
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